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Stamford Event Terms And Conditions
At Stamford Arts Centre we offer two stall options:
Full (two 6ft tables which may be arranged as a 12ft frontage, a 6ft double-depth stall, or an L-shape, depending on the stall plan)
Half (one 6ft table)
There are only 48 tables at the venue and you may be required to provide your own table depending on how late your booking is confirmed.
Important information regarding Stamford Artisans Guild Ltd. Craft Fairs at Stamford Arts Centre, 27 St. Mary’s Street, Stamford, PE9 2DL
Items for sale at the Craft Stall must be hand-made by the seller.  We are an Artisan group and we are NOT able to accept bought in / imported items even if they were made to your specifications, books, and any other items not hand-made by the seller locally.
Stallholders must be from the local area (Stamford and around).
We are only able to accept selected “Visiting Artisans” from outside the 25 Mile radius of Stamford at our Craft Events.
All Applications will go through a screening process before being accepted.
Every stall Holder at Stamford Artisans Guild Ltd. organised events needs to have suitable Public Liability Insurance of up to minimum 5 million. A copy of this will be requested with payment if you application is accepted. If you make and sell edible items or soaps and lotions etc. please ensure you have the correct compliance certificates relevant to your goods.
Members of Stamford Artisans Guild Ltd. will be given preference over non members and are entitled to confidential members only prices for stalls.
Spaces will be offered on a 1st come 1st served basis.
Only a limited number of stalls per craft category can be accommodated at any fair.
Artisans need to exhibit at a certain amount of Guild organised fairs throughout the year to be considered for stalls at Christmas Fairs held in November and December. The more events you attend between April – October higher the chances of being accepted for Christmas Events.
All stall holders using any electrical equipment to do demonstrations need such equipment to be PAT tested.  This will be checked.
There will be no reminder for payments.  If you do not make payment by the due date following a payment request you risk losing your stall as the stall will be offered to the next artisan on the waiting list.
Artisans who do not cooperate by making timely stall bookings and payments risk being put on a black list and their future participation will be subject to a review by the Guild committee.
Our events are publicised locally via advertisements in local magazines and newspapers, leaflets & also publicised via our website, Facebook page and Twitter. Stall holders will be given individual focus on the Facebook page and we will also include a photo example of your work on our website on the Fair details page.
Stall Holders are encouraged to request leaflets for distribution in their local area and to use web images (these will be available to download) on their websites. It is as much in your interest as ours to help publicise the events you are doing.
We may request photographs to show the committee examples of your work once we have reviewed your application. These images may be used on our website / facebook / twitter etc. to promote the fair if your application is accepted.
Please carefully read the terms and conditions before submitting your application. Give as much detail as you can about the crafts you propose to display as this will help us make a fast decision.
Stamford Artisans Guild Ltd. Craft Fair Conditions
All Applications are Subject to approval and Stamford Artisans Guild Ltd. Committee will inform you once the application has been accepted and request payment immediately.  Payments can be made by cheque, bank transfer or in cash. Please do not send payment with your application!
Full payment of stall fees will be requested in advance once your application has been approved. Payments must be received in full at least 3 months before the event. Post dated Cheques are not acceptable. If your application is confirmed less than 3 months from the event then payment must be sent immediately.
Cancellation: if you cancel, every attempt will be made to re-sell your stall; if we can re-sell your stall a 50% refund will be made. If we cannot resell your stall no refund will be made. If an event is cancelled for reasons beyond the control of Stamford Artisans Guild Ltd. a full refund will be made. Stamford Artisans Guild Ltd. is not responsible for any potential loss of earnings in the case of such an occurrence.
 Stall Holders must ensure that they have suitable insurance to cover their goods and Public Liability. A copy must be provided upon request. Stamford Artisans Guild Ltd. reserves the right to cancel your booking if PLI proof is not provided at the time of making your payment.
Stamford Artisans Guild Ltd. will not be held responsible for damage to, or loss of any equipment or goods brought into the premises by the stall Holder.
There are limited power sockets available at most venues and while an attempt will be made to accommodate request for power we cannot guarantee it. Power request must be indicated at the time of making the application or it will not be considered at all.
Stall holders must strictly ensure no smoke machines, incense sticks or flashing lights shall be used at any time.
Stall holders must strictly ensure there are no candles or open flames.
Stall holders must strictly ensure if they have any perfumes etc for sale please do not spray on the visitors without permission.
Stall holders must strictly ensure no cooking at the stalls.
Stall holders must strictly ensure nothing shall be affixed to the walls, floors, ceilings or any part of the premises. Stall Holders may be asked to remove any such fixings if the Events Committee deems the fixtures to be in breach of the agreement.
It is the stall holder’s responsibility to ensure their tables are covered to the floor on all 3 sides.
It is the stall holder’s responsibility to ensure the display is set up before opening to the public. Most venues are available upto 2 hours prior to public opening and stall holders must arrive in good time to set up.
It is the stall holder’s responsibility to ensure the display is tidy and presentable.
It is the stall holder’s responsibility to ensure There are no trip hazards around the stall and all packing boxes etc are kept under the table / behind the table so visitors, especially children cannot fall over them.
It is the stall holder’s responsibility to ensure they limit their display to the stall space allocated to them.
Do not set up your display in such a way that it hides/covers neighbouring stalls.
If you have additional floor standing display aids like card stands or an extra table prior permission is required and we reserve the right to refuse permission for additional display furniture if the venue layout / floor plan & your stall placement cannot accommodate it.  You may apply for two pitches if you need additional space to what is offered per stall.
Please ensure (if you are playing music) that it is for your personal listening pleasure and not for everyone, i.e. played loudly.
Any electrical equipment must be certified as tested.
Any equipment brought in by the stall holder must be removed from the premises at the end of the hire period. Stamford Artisans Guild Ltd. and / or the Venue cannot accept responsibility for items left behind at the venue at the end of the event.
It is the stall holder’s responsibility to ensure after use, the premises are to be left clean and tidy, and all rubbish removed.
Stall Holders are requested to maintain the fair schedule and start packing up only after the fair has officially closed.
Stall Holders Must not act in an improper or disorderly manner, leave promptly at the appropriate time and comply with any reasonable request. Any person in breach of these conditions may be refused admission or be removed from the venue.
Stamford Artisans Guild Ltd. does not guarantee visitor numbers to an event and CANNOT guarantee that visitors will make purchases from individual stalls.
The Stall Holder shall, to the best of his/her ability, maintain and keep good order and decent behaviour and shall not permit drunkenness or other disorderly conduct on the premises. He/she shall ensure that music provided at the premises shall not cause a nuisance to local residents. Any form of amplification shall be so controlled as to prevent such a nuisance.
Representatives of The Stamford Arts Centre, Police Officers and Fire Officers shall, at all times, have free access to the premises for the purpose of inspection. The Stall Holder will be responsible for complying with Fire Regulations, a copy of which is displayed on the premises.
Under the conditions of the management’s licence with the Performing Rights Society, Stall Holders are required to furnish details to The Stamford Arts Centre of all musical works, whether published or in manuscript, performed at the premises, whether vocally, instrumentally or mechanically, at events for which a charge is made. Where appropriate, a form is enclosed with the letter of confirmation, which should be completed and returned to The Stamford Arts Centre.
A charge of £50 will be made to cover additional cleaning if this is deemed to be necessary by the Stamford Arts Centre management.  The Stamford Arts Centre management retains the right to terminate a hiring if any of the regulations are breached. The Stall Holder shall be liable to pay the full fee if this situation arises.
The Stamford Arts Centre shall have the power to terminate any agreement relating to the future hire of the premises if it is considered that the Stall Holders have in any way been guilty of a breach of these regulations.
In accordance with the regulations of South Kesteven District Council, fly posting’ is not permitted. Any organisation or individual who undertakes this type of publicity will have their booking cancelled and shall forfeit their deposit.
The Stamford Arts Centre reserves the right to grant or to refuse any application for the hire of the premises. The Stamford Arts Centre Management reserves the right to vary and modify these regulations without prior notice. Any decisions by the Management on the interpretation of these regulations shall be final.
We will require you to send a copy of your PLI insurance for our records; this can be sent by post once you have received confirmation that your stall has been accepted.
Stamford Artisans Guild Ltd.
19 Mountbatten Avenue, Stamford, PE9 1HU, UK
or by e-mail to [email protected] (preferred)
If you do not have a website or other address on the internet where we can view examples of your work please do send a few photographs using any of the methods mentioned above.