Creating Together


What Are The Benefits?


  • Benefit from being offered places at events first
  • Reduced stall fees
  • Invited to attend bi-monthly All Member Meetings
  • Sent copies of all minutes of Committee and All Member meetings monthly
  • Advertising of all SH events in local magazines, plus a chance to be included in any editorial pieces
  • Advertised on this website
  • Regularly featured on the SH facebook page and twitter posts and shout-outs
  • Our social media pages will happily advertise your attendance at other events
  • Your own Pinterest page within the Stamford Handmade group page
  • Membership fees go into paying for advertising, venue hire and publicity materials
Preference for places at events are given to all Members first.  Members are offered to apply for events at least a month prior to them being available to non-members, even if those non-members have attended regularly with us before.  Stall fees are approximately 25% cheaper at each venue for members.  *This excludes Nene Park where the same low rate applies to all stallholders.  One-off 'special' events may also have the same flat-rate for all stallholders.
If you want to eventually become a Committee Member that discount goes up to approx. 40%. Members are invited to attend bi-monthly meetings which are friendly, relaxed, inclusive and informative.  We love to talk, and encourage the membership to have a voice in the direction the group takes.  
The Committee meets monthly, and minutes of meetings are sent out to all Members each month. An AGM takes place every summer, with all members invited. All funds paid into Stamford Handmade are put towards venue hire, advertising, publicity materials and insurance. We submit annual accounts, and are a registered not-for-profit organisation. All Committee members offer their time and services voluntarily.

Who Can Join?


Anyone who makes their own items, and wants an outlet for selling, taking part in events, and being part of a like-minded group of crafters and artists can apply to join.

How Can I Join?

Use the 'Contact' page on the website to get in touch, or email us directly at : [email protected]
Please give us some information about your craft, and the items you make, together with some photographs showing examples. A link to your own website, facebook page or Etsy.  


Who Decides About Applications?


Applications are subject to approval by the Stamford Handmade Management Committee, and a this can take up to 30 days.   After you make an application, the membership co-ordinator will get in touch with you to acknowledge receipt, and if necessary request more information from you.

How Much does it Cost?

Cost  £

Membership is £30 per year, and can be paid in full annually, or by direct debit at £2.50 per month.
There is a Charitable Membership status available at £15 per year, and applications for this will need to provide confirmation on the charity's letterhead that they sell only on behalf of the charity

T&C's & 'the smallprint'

  • Membership is charged at £20 per annum
  • Charitable membership is £15 per annum
  • All members are required to have a current £5M mimimum Public Liability Insurance
Membership is offered under ONE craft category per application.
For Example: if you offer a range of textile goods, the membership will be under “Textile Products” and you would have to specify in the application the range of textile items you offer, such as soft furnishings, toys, bags, etc.  At a craft event if you wish to exhibit  items totally unrelated to your membership category, prior permission is required and the Management Committee reserves the right to refuse items other than those included in your original membership application.  The reason for this is to ensure our events provide plenty of variety, and to reassure members will not have their craft type duplicated too much.  This hopefully gives everyone a fair chance of making sales at events.  You are able to apply for more than one membership if you want to display more than one craft category.

All members have to agree to this: “I am aware that my liability is limited to £1 up until one year has elapsed after my membership ceases, should the company be wound up with liabilities greater than its assets. I understand the responsibilities of and liabilities of being a member and agree to abide by the company’s rules as defined in its *Memorandum and Articles of Association.“
These can be seen on our the page:   Articles of Association