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Folbar Handmade Jewellery

Designing and creating handmade, bespoke jewellery from a variety of materials, Folbar Handmade Jewellery are based in the capital of the Fens in Wisbech.
Their items include handmade glass beads, fimo, clay and ceramic elements, and often featuring the trademark button work jewellery pieces, for which Folbar has become well known.  
Entering the jewellery world as two friends who attended an evening jewellery making class at a local college, Clair and Larissa joked that they should start their own business.  With so many new pieces being made, and becoming more and more creative with their designs, as they learnt new skills and techniques, their idea of a joke soon became a reality.  Starting out originally as Folbar Beads, the name evolved into Folbar Handmade Jewellery.  
Six years later Larissa has stepped away from the parthership, but Clare has continued making and selling her handmade jewellery, and continues to learn new techniques.
Clair has a very loyal customer base, and is regularly asked to create bespoke pieces to compliment a particular outfit shade, or to repurpose some sentimental beads or buttons into a functional item.  
Find more examples of Clair's work on her Facebook page: