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Stamford Handmade
bringing creative people together

Stamford Handmade are a not-for-profit group of like-minded creatives. 
​We have been working in collaboration as a group of members organising local handmade-only craft events for almost 10 years.
​Unfortunately, the group will be closing down in Spring 2018 after many successful events in Stamford, Oakham, Peterborough, Oundle and Bourne.
​We couldn't have done it without the support of the Members, the dedication of the Committee who made the events happen, and last but not least, all the visitors we have welcomed over the years. 
Thank you SO much for all the support.
​We will miss the unique welcome Stamford Handmade events offered.

​Many of our artists and crafters will continue to attend many other local events, so do look out for art & craft events taking place.

  1. Red Dragon Lampwork
    Red Dragon Lampwork
  2. Barry Windsor Wood Turning
    Barry Windsor Wood Turning
  3. Jandy Photography
    Jandy Photography
  4. Stamford Holistic Therapies
    Stamford Holistic Therapies
  5. Title
  6. Title
  7. Baby & Childrens' Knitwear & Crocheting
    Baby & Childrens' Knitwear & Crocheting
Our Events :
We have events organised regularly throughout the year.  As a way of keeping things fresh for participants and visitors, we try out new venues in the local area.  We regularly attend events at Stamford Arts Centre, Victoria Hall Oundle, Oakham Castle and various one-off venues in the local area.  For more detailed information see our  Events & Dates page.
We started attending at a new venue in 2015 at the Victoria Hall in Oundle.  Dates for our events are chosen to coincide with the very popular Farmers' Market, and the Town Council have been delighted to have us use their venue, and help to promote events.  
The site of the very first event we held, Stamford holds a special place in our heart.  Using the stunning Ballroom and side rooms, we have plenty of space to include a wide variety of artists and crafters.  With entry from street level, and the addition of the Arts Centre Cafe providing refreshments, this is the perfect venue for any stallholder or visitor.